Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hooray for the Easter holidays!

I love watching my girls grow up, this is happening really fast, Alice (6), my red head, came along after 8 years of patiently waiting. My little miracle baby! Evie (3) is equally as precious of course she is my cuddle bum. 

This week being the 1st week of the Easter holidays and weather not being kind to us we decided to go and see the new Cinderella movie at the cinema, everyone loves a fairytale. Could this be the new Frozen though?

Both girls left the cinema needing a beautiful blue gown like 'Ella', the glass slippers were to die for.

With all the excitement this kept them dreaming for hours, leaving mummy to concentrate on university work.

My module this semester is to build a brand identity for me, this is perfect, I have been trying to design a logo since I started my blog. When designing for yourself its really difficult, I think I have been up to my neck in screwed up paper. I have come up with 2 ideas to develop, I would really appreciate some feedback.  

I am really enjoying being creative and getting lots of opportunities to design logos for friends, I hope this leads to more. I am very lucky to be studying a subject that I love, another positive when I am designing I am not snacking in boredom!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Sorry been AWOL.....

So its been a few weeks since my last post and this I because I have not been feeling my ‘rosy’ self! I have been having a few complications and issues to deal with but I think I am out the other side (fingers crossed)! I don't want any negative posts on my blog this is supposed to be a supportive place!

I want to bring in my heart issues, after I had my daughter in 2011 I decide to try and loose the baby weight and feel good and healthy, I joined the gym, slowly started loosing weight and everything was going OK, until one day I started getting pains whilst listening to some trashy music on the treadmill! I called the doctor who referred me for tests. I then noticed it more and more, when I was swimming walking and even lying down!

My letter came through from the hospital and I was booked in for a stress test, this could have been carried out at home on any given day. I turned up with my joggers and trainers on hoping not to make a fool of myself. I managed the first round and a half on the treadmill before the pain erupted and I felt like I was being strangled. I was immediately told to sit down, the nurse urgently scrambled for the consultant and within 10 Mr Consultant had arrived.

I had to undergo an angiogram which I would like to add is possibly the third most uncomfortable procedure I have had to endure. The results showed I had a narrowing of my left ventricular aorta, this is the main one that feeds the body! I had to then wait a further 8 weeks for a stent to be fitted!

The morning of the operation arrived and I was extremely anxious, I really didn’t know what was going to happen, the consultant took one look at me and asked the nurse to give me plenty of surgical ‘Gin & Tonic’.

Wheeled into the theater I was expecting to start counting down to sleep, a deep sleep and then wake to find it had all been done, WRONG!!! I was awake through the whole procedure. When finally the surgeon said all done I felt as if I had been in there for hours!

The consultant came to see me after about an hour in recovery handed me a picture and said ‘What a lucky lady! I have just opened a artery with a 98% blockage and here is the proof!’ (See picture).

I am now 3 years down the line and its unbelievable what can cause you chest pains, and the biggest cause I think is stress, I have eliminated 2 main areas which I feel have added to me being unwell for the last 6 months and I am beginning to feel better.

I am going to give myself two weeks and then I am going into pure focus mode.

Healthy eating + Exercise = Happiness

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Whats new?


So this week its been back in full swing with uni and I am enjoying every minute of it, we are primarily focusing on brands and identity, which is really good as I have been helping a friend with her logo for her already successful massage business.

When starting on a logo the client can have some very firm ideas but how they can change throughout the design process. Sarah thought she wanted to use hands to represent her work but the outcome was completely different and she can now visualise this on t-shirts or car stickers.

Having my little design projects to keep me busy has helped keep my mind off health issues, I nearly didn't write a post this week as I didn't want to seem negative, but one of my blogger friends said 'write what you feel'. 

Sorry negative ish bit....
I am getting frustrated, I would really like to know whats going on with my health so I can move on and enjoy my family. I am still awaiting tests as to whats happening with my heart and until then  I can't look into exercise (my doctor would have a fit, she prescribed cotton wool blanket at all times), nutrition, I am eating sensibly but when you find it difficult to keep your eyes open past 4 in the afternoon its difficult thinking about healthy food, it would be nice to have a health fairy! I just have to muddle through and think positive. 

Back to  positive....
This week I am meeting with  a wonderful Yoga teacher to hopefully create a plan of action! CT scan on Friday so not too much longer to wait!

Next week is world book day, so we are transforming my 6 year old into Alice in Wonderland and have to find a poem. Are you doing anything for world book day? I am lucky as my daughter loves to read and we love to hear her so this will be great fun!

So not too negative I hope! back to super positive Charlotte next week!

Promise!! now off to find the white rabbit...

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Eventful week!

Well the start of the week was a shocker! ended up in hospital with a suspected heart attack! mmmm not what I was planning! so the week was bound to get better! Whatever it was left me slightly shell shocked and utterly tired! so this week the fitbit has gone out the window!

A dear friend linked me an interesting article, having thought about yoga in the past as a relaxing exercise I now fully see the benefits it could have on improving my heart condition.

Being a mother I forget to breathe alot, for instance, when my two year old has bitten my six year old who then screams blue murder or the manic rush in the morning trying to get them to school on time, with half the PE kit missing or homework left on the kitchen table, there are many more but I think you get the picture! stress is a big big thing and you forget to look after yourself, this is my step back.

Stress is a killer and it snowballs from forgetting to breathe to the pains in the chest, going at a pace so fast that its impossible just to relax for 5 minutes. Does it sound familiar? 

What relaxes you? I am finding that I love to create, I need to step away from the computer more and design. 

Two little projects I have been working on this week! 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


So trying to keep myself busy this week I thought I would lean on my creative flair! I promised for Christmas that I would only be giving away home made presents but that went out of the window when life took over!

My first project was for my friend who had her baby... um... about 6 months ago, she is very musical so I wanted to combine something with family.
I think its fun!

My results are in for my final Graphic design modules..... I passed yippee!

Back to getting fit and well! I have been using my Fitbit and I have managed to get from 3K steps a day (at work) to 7K, still pushing for the 10k! 

Friday, 30 January 2015

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Questions and questions.... now to find the answers!

What a treat...

Well thank you for coming back! I have had such a lovely shock with how many people have stopped by so far!

I was going to start with some small chat but no, I think straight in feet first (my friends and family will tell you that’s me over). Today I was chatting with a lovely bunch of ladies, who were very interested in hearing about my blog and had some great suggestions of what I should look into for my quest into ‘healthiness’.

The first suggestion was kinesiology, which is apparently unexplainable, next toning tables , a nutritionist and Pilate's or yoga.

So, questions I need to find answers, what is kinesiology? do toning tables really work? What is a healthy diet for my condition? What exercise is going to help that won’t set the dickey ticker off?

I would love other suggestions if you can think of something I will try anything to feel 36 and not 86!

Starting tomorrow I am going to get my fit bit on and increase my steps, if the snow doesn’t settle (see excuse!).

Having been signed off work for longer I am going to take time to enjoy crafts again, lots of presents I promised but life gets in the way, so the positive to this is I can make people smile with gifts. I know this will help me relax, before the girls break up for half term.